Showbiz Siska Schoeters, and She and Dorien Leyers have come together with a couple of friends posed for the new campaign of the lingerie brand PrimaDonna. And that makes for some great photos.

“PrimaDonna, put love to women < / i> in the picture , who are honest about their bodies and feel good in their own skin to feel” heard by the lingerie brand. “Siska, we know, of course, as a radio and television host, who is not in a topic out of the way, and her life as a mother, a wife, and a friend to share in an honest and mostly humorous way. She, we know, as an actress with loads of charisma, not only for her roles on the tv it was very funny but at times also special situations to share with their followers on social media. Both of them also have a high “down-to-earth” level, where a lot of women would be able to recognize it”, says another.

the waffle house, her friends, Lieselot, and She was along for the photo shoot. She selected her sister and Dorien and her sister Sue Vervruyce as partners.