The transport sector is the one that emits the most greenhouse gases (GHG). The urban and road development model that we have inherited today generates considerable costs, both environmental, social and economic. This affects the quality of life of our employees, as much their wallet as their safety, and harms the attractiveness of the Montreal region and its economic dynamism. Everyone is aware of this, and it must be tackled without further delay.

As employers, we unquestionably generate travel: that of our employees or our students, that of our suppliers, customers or partners. In this sense, we are part of the solution, but we cannot achieve it without further action by governments.

These gestures can for example include:

In exchange, we need strong gestures from the governments of Quebec and Canada. The State must set an example and support actions on the ground.

In particular, we ask them to:

This ambitious commitment from public and private employers as well as governments is a strong signal for the City of Montreal, the other municipalities of the Metropolitan Community of Montreal, and even more broadly for Quebec to take action. With this pact, we encourage you to accelerate, in a concerted manner, the development of healthy, safe and connected living environments for the entire population of Greater Montreal.

The Montreal Climate Summit is an opportunity to make this pact a reality and thus put sustainable mobility at the heart of our priorities. We are betting that it is by combining the expertise, creativity and commitment of everyone that we will meet the challenge of this generation.