It’s time for a new round of the popular debate: What needs to happen now, in the summer, so that the next pandemic winter can be managed? For example, a new booster campaign is indeed needed so that as many people as possible go into the autumn with fresh vaccinations. Health Minister Lauterbach thinks ahead – so far, so good.

However: since the start of the traffic light, the FDP has proven many times that they are only too happy to let Lauterbach starve at an outstretched arm. She uses the political-strategic starting point unperturbed for her own agenda of a twisted understanding of freedom: If in the end there is no agreement at all on infection protection, that can only be fine with the FDP – and so she uses a policy of egoism and recklessness with only minimal ones concessions to the coalition partners. Oh wonderful freedom to be able to spread viruses in all directions in the supermarket without a mask.

Lauterbach is optimistic and says that a reasonable agreement will be possible with the FDP. What else is he supposed to say? Purposeful optimism is part of the business. In addition to the stubbornness of the FDP, the minister’s overall performance does not increase his authority and thus his scope for action. Until further notice, the following applies: free sneezing for free citizens.