A gang of between 2014 and 2018, large quantities of comparatively low-taxed heating oil from Germany to Poland, where they discolored the fuel and untaxed Diesel sold. Alone the German state arose as a consequence of an alleged damage of approximately 100 million euros. In the case of a large-scale RAID in the case, investigators have arrested in Berlin and Brandenburg, a total of 20 objects is searched and the four Suspects. The Berlin public Prosecutor’s office and the customs investigation office in Berlin-Brandenburg reported on Wednesday.

Two Berlin-based wholesale companies should have brought the fuel in more than 6,000 transports to Poland. In the case of the great RAID, the investigators seized indoor and investigators EUR 50,000, and other evidence. They also were assets for sure. Overall, it is determined against nine Accused due to the band’s heavy tax evasion and money laundering. Diesel is taxed in Germany and in Poland is significantly higher than fuel oil.

The Berlin public Prosecutor’s office determined, according to the the case, since more than one and a half years together, with justice and customs of Poland. In Poland, voted instead found time also to searches and arrests.