Multimedia-How to light your laptop is, you are one, but don’t want to expose it under your arm with it. It is comfortable to wear, it is also very important, as you can in the shortest time possible pain in the back after a day’s commute. Backpack: Dicota Backpack eSports (us $ 120)

In a backpack, it is 120 euros for a pretty solid price, but for the Dicota Backpack eSports has strong competitive advantages. It is a waterproof, ergonomic, and very responsible, and there is a sternum strap for added comfort. But it is above all in the division this backpack makes an impression: the place is for a 17″laptop and a whole bunch of other hand-held hardware device, such as a keyboard, mouse, headset, cables, and so on.Click here to see the Dicota Backpack eSports.

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