more and more people in Germany have a part-time job, The number of so-called Multiple job-holders rose within 15 years from 1.4 to 3.4 million in the middle of last year. The response of the Federal employment Agency (BA) on a request from the Left in the Bundestag. Therefore, workers exert the workers most commonly subject to social insurance contributions employment with at least a mini-job. In just under 330,000 cases were combined according to the BA at least two Jobs.

“For more and more Workers, the income is no longer enough of a Job,” said Sabine Zimmermann, labour market policy spokeswoman for the left party. The overwhelming part out of pure financial Distress for more than a Job. On several occasions workers would earn on average in your main job significantly less than people without a job on the side. According to a study by the Institute for labour market and occupational research (IAB), workers with a part-time job in their main occupation, on average, about 570 euros a month less than people with only one Job.

“This suggests that a relatively large number of need in addition to a jobber on the extra money,” said IAB head of Research Department, Enzo Weber. Second jobs do not appear to be only in certain industries, in certain individuals, or in the case of certain motifs, but are spread “wide”. In the case of the combination of a social insurance with a Minijob 28.5 percent of the second jobs General service occupations.

according to The study, there are, besides financial motives, other reasons for a second job. So one could complement other activities in addition to the main job, the fun or Prestige. Moreover, mini-jobs are for the employee completely tax – and duty-free.” As a strong subsidy to then make use of very different people,” said Weber.

The Left calls for a fundamental change. “Mini-jobs have to be transferred to social insurance contributions are paid subsistence employment”, said the Deputy Zimmermann. IAB researcher Enzo pointed to the disadvantages of the favoured-nation treatment: For the Jobs will not usually pay into the pension Fund, you contribute so to the old-age security. “And most of the jobs are not likely to lead to sustainable professional development and integration in the labour market,” said Weber. In the case of low-wage earners, the coupling of a support to a part-time job could lead to a wrong Track. Labour market integration succeed more in the main job.