In Kortrijk The city of Kortrijk, allows the use of self-propelled, electric shopbusjes between the parking lots and streets to investigate. Dealers have long been asking for. “It’s a very good idea, and we are proud to be a strong supporter of that,” says the vessels of the Mobility and Health Weydts (sp.(a). One other question, as a dealer, for the above-ground kortparkeren for the duration of up to a maximum of two hours to remove, it will be firmly off the table. “To the underground parking, to encourage, it is that time of two hours, the best course of action”, says Axel Weydts.

Autonomous electric shopbusjes no driver is to bet between the parking lots behind the gates, such as, for example, in the parking Towers, and/or Budabrug and on the streets, in the heart of Kortrijk? The traders have the idea already prepared. “Because the buses are a great service to shoppers, especially when koopmomenten, or busy weekends,” said Harry Casier of the fashion brand Dolce by Erina and the capers He and Thimothy Vuylsteke, from the Leiestraat. Good for buyers, not so good for disabled people, to ensure that their car is in an underground car park, and later as a van to take it. And it is a great return for the since August, higher prices, and for those who come for shopping in Kortrijk, belgium.