The Style of The klimaatactiegroep Extinction patrick’s day celebration on the last day of London Fashion Week, ‘the funeral’ will be organized in order to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry to be raised. On any other day this past week and they were there for us and in the Uk’s capital city.

on The first day of the London fashion week this year, not with a fashion show, or an action of Extinction patrick’s day celebration, where they have buckets of nepbloed on the other tracks. Thus, were the environmental activists, to symbolize that the fashion industry is all of the old shows, while they have a great responsibility in the climate crisis. The group wants to make the fashion weeks cancelled, and then tried a week, to ensure that guests at the fashion show were due to the different actions of the showlocaties to set it up. We have organized them in a nepbegrafenis as the closing point of the protest.

in Accordance with The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), a charity that works with governments, businesses, and communities to the large amount of waste is likely to have to call up each and every year, more than 150 million garments from landfill. It is estimated that the fashion industry is that by 2050, 25% of the koolstofbudget of the globe stand, making it the most polluting industry after the oil and gas industry.

Check out some of the photos from the protest: