What kind of a signal is that: In the middle of the summer wave, the head of statutory health insurance, Andreas Gassen, demands that all isolation and quarantine obligations be lifted. Instead of the five-day obligation, people infected with corona should only stay at home if they feel sick – if this is not the case, they could go to work even if they tested positive.

The proposal not only comes at an absolutely inopportune time, but also sends a fatal signal to society: Now everything doesn’t matter. In fact, there would then no longer be any measures, at least none that are independently complied with across the board. Gassen wants to go back to “normality”, which is absurd enough in view of the high corona numbers.

Now Gassen says pretty much the only measure that can protect others from infection is to be lifted. What he fails to mention: the virus can also be passed on without symptoms.

The workplace as a place of contamination. This can not only be extremely stressful for the psyche, but could also lead to entire departments being infected and failing.

Gasse’s “it will go wrong” mentality is evidence of an ignorance that leaves you speechless. Collateral damage is accepted without reservation, come what may – dead, severe corona courses, long-Covid sufferers, it doesn’t matter.