Justice Senator Lena Kreck (left) has requested that judge and former AfD member of parliament Birgit Malsack-Winkemann be retired. The senator announced this on Thursday. “We have examined the present case very intensively. There must be no doubt about the loyalty to the constitution and the guarantee of non-discriminatory procedures, the reputation of the independent judiciary must be preserved,” explained Kreck. The judge service court must now decide whether this is justified.

The process is happening out of “interests in the administration of justice,” the administration said.

Malsack-Winkemann sat in the Bundestag from 2017 to 2021 and, after leaving Parliament in March of this year, returned to the judiciary at the district court for the area of ​​construction law.

The decision of the judiciary comes as a surprise. As late as March, the administration said that it had examined the case extensively, but that Malsack-Winkemann’s return to the office of judge could not be prevented. “The legal means are very limited in Berlin,” said the spokeswoman at the time.

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After another examination, however, the judiciary administration came to the conclusion that the behavior of the judge outside of her service “compulsorily requires a ‘retirement'”, according to the administration.

“In the past, the judge has repeatedly and publicly excluded people who are seeking protection in Germany and disparaged them because of their origin over a longer period of time,” it said. This gave the public the impression that the judge would not administer justice impartially in the future.