Roeselare With an iron bar Pol, M., (45) this past weekend and his wife is beaten to death. It seems that the man had acted in a spur of the moment, when he came to the woman’s in order to the kind of life he wanted a divorce. Mr. M. has, in the meantime, the full statements made. “He has a lot of regrets,” says his lawyer.

Just hours before the couple at the table would be in order and their divorce, to talk about, and drew Pol, m, of a straight steel rod going into the master bedroom, where his unsuspecting wife was sleeping. M. got out of the bar, to the, Ellen, D’hooghe is not a sign of life of them. After that, he went back to the bottom, he wrote a letter to their 12-year-old son who was sleeping, and went away with a good supply of the life-process.

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During its interrogation has to Pol, M., a full confession made. “He works very well with the investigation,” said Iris, Santens, are in English. “My client is aware that he has an immense pain and suffering it has caused, and that the clock cannot be turned back to fall. He expressed to me his regret, not only to the family of Ellen, but also with regard to his small son of twelve.” In the case, and there are still a number of questions that need to be answered. “Stuck”, which is my client of five months, the uncertainty has been living, after Ellen ” in april that she wanted a divorce. He kept hoping that it would be all right.” Pol, M., to appear Friday before the court in Kortrijk (belgium). Since it is his further detention, shall decide. A counselor will be in the order of the public prosecutor’s office have in mind to investigate it. Wednesday night will be in Oekene, a silent wake, a place in the house where the events took place. People will be able to put flowers down, and the candles upon it.