Sure, they have to assert themselves against a lot of resistance. But the trans people I know make mistakes like everyone else. We argue with each other, we are petty sometimes, we are vain. Why should I hide that as an author? I don’t want to write about perfect people, I want to write about people who are knee-deep in conflict.

It is claimed that detransition would ruin the people involved and their bodies. That’s not true. I know people who are detransitioned. These aren’t monsters, they’re great people. Nor do they detransition because they were wrong about their gender—but because society didn’t let them live their lives. This whole debate misunderstands the concept of gender.

All in all – regardless of age – I want to show that the trans community is also complex. We are often portrayed as constantly getting mad about misusing pronouns and wanting to cancel others. That’s not the case: we too have a range of opinions. It is also justified to warn against wanting to please the mainstream too much and letting the majority society get away with everything.