Science in less than a year after it was installed, the South African MeerKAT telescope, is already responsible for a particular discovery: around the center of our milky way Galaxy spotted in the telescope, two gigantic “bubbles”. What a black hole is responsible for it.

from the center of our milky way Galaxy is the black hole or Sagittarius A,in the same black hole which, scientists have recently for the first time to take a photo of it. And now it turns out that the black hole is also a call up. Write a few astronomers from the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) is in the vaktijdschriftNature.

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A brief explanation of the gas bubbles in the vicinity of the black hole in our milky way Galaxy are observed due to the radio waves that they produce. The same as radio waves, suggesting that it is the result of a massive energy burst that some of the millions and millions of years ago.