(Rome) The state of health of Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian head of government, hospitalized for leukemia, is gradually improving, the doctors said, displaying “ cautious optimism ”.

The 86-year-old media mogul has been in intensive care since Wednesday at the prestigious San Raffaele Hospital in Milan (north).

“The last forty-eight hours have seen a gradual and stable improvement in the monitoring of organ functions,” the doctors said in a statement.

The treatment is producing “ the expected effects, which allows us to express cautious optimism ”, they added.

The former prime minister remains in the intensive care unit, the doctors further specify.

Silvio Berlusconi, one of the richest men on the peninsula with a fortune valued by Forbes at 6.4 billion euros, has increased hospital stays in recent years.

Last month, the billionaire had already spent four days in the same hospital.

Berlusconi, who entered politics in 1994, served as prime minister for a total of nine years. Despite a series of sex scandals and court cases that have tarnished his image, he has retained a special place in the hearts of many Italians.