(Naples) A ​​26-year-old man died overnight from Thursday to Friday in Naples in southern Italy, after being injured by shots fired on the sidelines of celebrations for Napoli’s third league title , according to local media.

Three other people were injured in the shots, which it is not known at this stage whether they were fired to celebrate the victory of the city’s soccer club or if they were part of a criminal activity, according to the daily Il Corriere della Sera.

After the announcement of the death of the young Neapolitan, some of his relatives caused material damage to the emergency department of the Cardarelli hospital where he had been admitted to treat his serious injuries. According to the daily La Stampa, the victim is linked to a clan of the Neapolitan mafia.

The carabinieri have opened an investigation to determine in what conditions these shots were fired in the historic center of the southern metropolis

During the explosion of joy that engulfed the city for its third Italian championship title, a total of 203 people presented themselves to the emergency rooms of the city’s hospitals for injuries or illnesses, according to La Stampa, in particular for stab wounds, lesions caused by explosions of firecrackers, falls, panic attacks or even asthma attacks caused by the inhalation of fumogens.

Napoli won their title on Thursday, five days from the end of the championship, more than 30 years after the first two of Diego Maradona’s era (1987, 1990), thanks to a point offered by Victor Osimhen in Udine (1- 1).

The celebrations of this deserved scudetto, as Naples dominated Serie A, will undoubtedly continue to mark the return to the South of a title monopolized for 22 years by the three giants of the North, Juventus Turin, AC Milan. and Inter Milan.