According to experts, the catastrophic state of information technology (IT) in the Berlin judiciary will be the subject of a special session of the legal committee in the House of Representatives. A corresponding invitation to the members of all parliamentary groups is available in the Tagesspiegel. The meeting is scheduled for Monday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. It was requested by the legal policy spokesman for the CDU and FDP parliamentary groups, Alexander J. Herrmann and Holger Krestel.

The reason for the meeting is a Tagesspiegel report on the continued use of completely outdated computer programs by numerous Berlin courts. They represent high security risks for the Berlin IT infrastructure as a whole.

A document entitled “Risk Analysis” to optimize IT in the ordinary jurisdiction of the company “HiSolutions” gives the judiciary IT a devastating testimony. As a result, numerous currently used programs, some of which are decades old, lack support, i.e. maintenance. So they are insecure. Individual alternatives planned for the successor are also criticized.

In the upcoming meeting, Herrmann and Krestel want to find out how Senator for Justice Lena Kreck (left) intends to deal with the situation, which has been known at least since the successful virus attack on the Superior Court, but has now been documented beyond a doubt thanks to the risk analysis. In the request for the special session to be held, both demand a “transparent presentation of the need for action for information technology in the ordinary jurisdiction of the State of Berlin”.

In addition, the consequences for the double budget scheduled for a vote in the House of Representatives on June 23 are to be discussed. The opposition politicians are calling for improvements to be able to fix at least the most serious security risks in a timely manner.

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It is unclear to what extent Kreck’s behavior in relation to the report, which is marked as confidential, will also become an issue in the committee. In mid-May, Kreck had stated that he only knew “interim results” of the analysis. Because the version marked as “final” is dated May 2nd, Herrmann accused the senator of having told the truth.

Kreck’s spokeswoman, in turn, insisted that the report was an “interim report”. The “final report” is expected at the end of June.