The highest Uk court – the Supreme Court – reviews from today, the question of whether the suspension of the parliament by the prime minister, Boris Johnson, is legally acceptable. The brief, three-day extended.

Last week it found that the supreme courts in Scotland, that is, the striking step, the new prime minister, “illegal” was right.The court held, in Edinburgh, was much in his opinion: that Johnson was a book of the five-week suspension is designed to work with the parliament to interfere”.According to these judges to try to the Uk, the government and the parliament is sidelined in the run-up to the brexit on the 31st of October, premier Johnson, the queen, deceived, when he asked for permission for its controversial initiative. The government went against that ruling on appeal.

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the Courts in Wales and England, were of a different opinion, and, being a complaint against the united states process af.De things are now bundled together in an appeal heard by the Supreme Court.If the eleven-member management court of justice says that the suspension is unlawful, and it is, if you want opponents that Johnson’s blow due to the deception of the queen of england.In an interview with the BBC, said of Johnson that he made the decision in the courts waiting for before he decides whether or not the parliament in mid-October, to meet again it should be set up.

The hearings will last until Thursday. A judgment follows, at least for a day.