Solving For the Luna, will be Invited (18) from Lille and Maud Van der Vorst (22) from the Yellow went in this past weekend is a dream come true when she is the American actress Dove Cameron, who plays a key role in the latest Disney movie ‘Descendants, the 3′, were allowed to meet and interview in London. If the influencers have, both by national and young women in social media together in some of the hundreds of thousands of followers, and that’s why she’s on the Disney wonder and the tasks to make their movies with their young target audience to promote it.

When Luna is about three years ago, her first short film at the app, that allows users to create short movies in which she mostly lip-synching to the music, you know, she had never thought that she would grow up to be one of the most well-known influencers of the uk. The ball was rolling when she turnfilmpje viral it went. At the top of the platform, which has been renamed the TikTok, count Luna is now around 160,000 followers.


After that, she made the switch to Instagram, where they have nearly 40,000 followers and has. “Ever since then, companies and clothing brands are more and more products are started to be send out, so I put them on a social media promotion. For them it is good advertising, because they are going to these products than buying them, as my followers, to me, to look up to,” says Luna.


and there came also of The Walt Disney Company, except for the railroad tracks. Half a year ago, Disney on Luna, and her best friend, Maud Van der Vorst (22) of a Yellow, which is also a well-known influencer, in order to London, down to go down for the opening night of the 101 Dalmatians. “That was a lot of fun, and they have found that good ones were taken. They invite you not just to be nice-to-have, and we have a good-Instagram-stories, and a friend of mine made a nice video on YouTube.”

the Luna, and Maud is doing so well that they can over the weekend to London and were allowed to go on, but this time for the premiere of the Descendants of 3. It’s a great honour, especially when you know that each country has only one or two influencers were invited to attend.