The down vest surprised this fall by an unprecedented compatibility with a variety of fashionable scenes: golfers who improve in the October sun still quickly their Handicap, need on the cross, but more than a Windbreaker. Engineers arm yourself in down the West, on the exhaust gas test bench against the cold Wind of the recent automotive industry, scandals. And in Berlin-Kreuzberg Hipsters stroll in Dad’s sneakers, retro jeans, and vest over flea markets. What piece of clothing it creates, nowadays, so many people take?! The down vest is currently a downright delightful democratic popularity. She is practical, unisex, yet casual; the fashionable Equivalent of the series “Friends”. It can all somehow, even in the 300. Repeat. What prove also the following street style Looks:

For Gangstaz: NBA Star Delon Wright is wearing his down vest in the Rapper Look – nice gloss look, with a white T-Shirt underneath and a gold chain around the neck. Nice, all I can say.

For Country-Boys: Journalist Derek Blasberg combines its classic dark blue down vest to Westernhat, he wears Blue Jeans. As I said: The down vest can be used with any Style arrange.

For Hipsters: Who now wants to avoid any impression of the family father’s SUV in the garage, wearing the vest, an ironic sunglasses, as absurd hats and cargo pants.

For Extroverts: Rapper Drake loves the West. The louder, the better.

For the fashion-“Influencerin“: Yes, even Instagram-Stars freeze time!! So what to do if the sponsored Trouser suit has to be still on the street style photos? Well, of course, a down vest leather.  

For social activists: Who is in this cold world, and will inspire people for the good thing (as here the Model Liz Harlan, the power against the craze in your industry and work), needs a reliable clothing.

For Frosty: This lady is to fashion purposes, even in October, with bare feet in Slippers on the way. Clear that it is there, at least on the top after some heat! Preferably in the Form of a thigh-length vest.

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