Do you want to get the CompTIA Security+ certification, but you don’t know all details about the accreditation process? So, this accreditation from CompTIA Certification Exam is one of the most popular designations that the specialists who want to become proficient in security seek to obtain.

What’s more, once you add it to your resume, this qualification will change your career path completely. To begin with, it is offered by a reputable international vendor that developed a complex qualifying process to make sure that only the best professionals succeed in obtaining the relevant certificates. Also, it will help you master the newest techniques and procedures in security during preparation. Does it sound interesting to you? Keep reading to learn about the relevant details of the 220-1001 .

Skills Validated By The CompTIA Security+

The individuals who want to get the Security+ qualification on the first try should go through the official exam blueprint. Thus, they will understand the test’s objectives and understand what’s expected from them on the final evaluation.

In more detail, you can get the passing score with ease if you gain the following skills:

  • Working with methods to prevent attacks, vulnerabilities, and threats as well as mitigate different types of attacks such as DDoS or the ones that appear on embedded devices and IoT;
  • Implementing incident response procedures that cover threat detection, techniques for mitigating risks, controlling security tools, and applying digital forensics at a basic level;
  • Designing the effective tools that will help to make the cloud environments more resilient and ensure a flawless transition to hybrid networks;
  • Implementing access management tools, and administering wireless and basic cryptography tools;
  • Managing organizational risk and adherence to various regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, or 220-1002 .

Having such skills means that you are a valuable specialist and this increases your financial capabilities and boosts your career. So, once you’ve gone through the official blueprint, it’s high time to know the Security+ exam details to be ready to what is waiting for you at the actual exam.

Details Of The CompTIA Security+ Evaluation

First of all, the exam you are to pass to obtain the Security+ accreditation has the code SY0-601. It includes a maximum of 90 performance-based and multiple-choice tasks that you have to complete within 90 minutes. So, you will have 1 minute per question to give the right answer. Scoring 750 points out of a maximum of 900 in the exam means that you’ve successfully passed it.

Fortunately, N10-007 doesn’t have strict prerequisites, but it has some recommendations. Therefore, your chances to get certified will be higher if you have a minimum of 2 years of security expertise and have previously obtained the Network+ accreditation. And, keep in mind that the registration fee is $370.


So, the CompTIA Security+ certification is your ticket towards building a career in cybersecurity. However, you can obtain a passing grade with no effort if you understand the exam’s objectives and follow its blueprint to develop the required skills. Also, you should pay close attention to the general requirements and be prepared to go through the tricky SY0-501 exam. Still, if you are completely equipped, it won’t be hard. Good luck!