The global economy is weakening, according to a survey increasingly. The Index of the Munich-based ifo-Institute to the world economic climate fell in the first quarter from minus 2.2 to minus 13.1 points. Thus, the indicator fell for the fourth Time in a row, as the Institute announced. For the quarterly survey, the Institute interviewed nearly 1,300 experts from 122 countries.

The respondents to estimate, therefore, both the current economic Situation and the Outlook is significantly more pessimistic. You expect a weaker growth of private consumption, investment and world trade.

The economic climate deteriorated particularly in the developed countries. “In particular, the United States stood out with a drop in expectations and in the assessment of the situation,” said ifo President Clemens Fuest. But also for the European Union, the experts revised their estimates, according to Fuest. In contrast, the mood in the Emerging and developing countries remained largely unchanged, having fallen in the two previous quarters, respectively. In the Middle East and North Africa, they dropped significantly.