If the children have a Inessy Armand from Lenin

History 20/02/20 were the children of Inessy Armand from Lenin

All the historians clearly agree on the fact that Nadezhda Krupskaya was very fond of her husband, from the youth to the end. But I loved it Lenin, or rather, how loved is a controversial issue.

the Revolutionary youth leader

Lenin was indeed genuinely “turn” in revolutionary ideology. At the same time, he was a passionate and emotional person, sensitive to everything bright and unusual. He also applied to women. The first of his sympathies, which reported the story, was a young activist of the Marxist circle Apollinaria Yakubova. To get a closer and gently get close to the object of his interest, he has undertaken a strategy of communication three, and the third was a friend Apollinaria Nadezhda Krupskaya.

Hope immediately and without memory fell in love with a charismatic young revolutionary, but hid this fact, knowing that the bright beauty of a friend it a bit. She took on the role of a mediator in their relationship and tried to invite Lenin to his guests. Her mother, Elizaveta Vasilyevna was a good cook and was attracted to a young Marxist delicious homemade food. The Hope cook never learned, but she was smart and wise woman, little dependent on other people’s opinions. She was well able alone to build the plan to “capture” of Lenin.

History is silent about how Vladimir made akulovoy offer, but when he was again arrested, to the window of his prison came one Hope: with Apollinaria Yakubova the relationship was not renewed.

getting Married in Shusha

Lenin was sent into exile in Shushenskoye, and after him went the Hope. The circumstances of this trip there are different versions, but the Krupskaya said that Lenin proposed to her in correspondence, and she agreed: “Married so married.”

it is possible that Lenin first used to readnome’s presence in his life fellow member of the party, and second realized that in his work without so smart of advice, Hope, can not do. Gleb Krzhizhanovsky wrote about Krupskaya: “Vladimir Ilyich could find more beautiful woman, so my zine was pretty, but smarter than Nadezhda, even more devoted than she, we didn’t have…”

the wedding was invited peasants from the village, as well as friends-exiles: Krzyzanowski, stark and others. Guests making so much noise that the owners of the house, where was held the wedding celebration, came with a request to keep it down.

none of the surviving pictures of Lenin and Krupskaya do not show sympathy to each other – they depicted dispassionately and purposefully, as befits the leaders of the revolution. But Krupskaya later wrote in his memoirs: “We’re the couple was and brightened it a link. What I don’t write about it in the memoirs, does not mean that it was not in our lives nor poetry, nor young passion…”

Weekdays revolutionary marital life.

Hope was a faithful assistant to her husband-revolutionary. She handled correspondence, taught at the party school, was an editor, a census worker articles. Lenin found in Nadezhda Konstantinovna not only the ally of the revolution. He passionately loved to wander through the woods – looking for mushrooms or just so, and the wife kept him company. Subsequently, Krupskaya told me that they found untouched corners of nature even in Munich and London.

Together with the couple until his death in 1915, went mother-in-law, Elizaveta Vasilievna. She assumed the “yeah” – everything in the kitchen and on the farm. According to history Professor and well-known expert on cooking V. Pokhlebkin, the main dish of the companion of life of the leader of world proletariat have been scrambled 4 eggs – pohlebkin suggests that it is the abuse of this dish called Lenin subsequently, the atherosclerosis of brain vessels.

When he died, Elizaveta Vasilyevna, the couple chose to eat in cheap cafeterias. Hope K. confessed that after her mother’s death “more student became our family life”.

Marriage Ulyanov – Krupskaya was childless, and the reason was the disease of Hope. Lenin in a letter to his mother reported: “Nadia, has to be: the doctor found that her illness requires hard treatment that she needs 2-6 weeks to go”. Vladimir Ilyich did not spare money for her treatment, he sought out the best doctors. Later, abroad, Krupskaya fell ill graves ‘ disease, had surgery. In a letter to his mother Ulyanov reported that Nadia “was very poor — a severe fever and delirium, so I’m pretty paranoid…”.

the love-triangle party

Relations between Vladimir Ilyich and Hope was reliable, logical and calm, and Lenin in his nature pulled on adventures. After 11 years of marriage, while in Paris, Lenin became acquainted with Inessa Armand – the widow of the industrialist, a fervent revolutionary and a mother of five children. It was a very beautiful woman adventurous warehouse. Being a governess in the family of a wealthy industrialist Armand, Inessa married his eldest son, Vladimir, but after giving birth to him four children, eloped with his 17-year-old younger brother, who later died of tuberculosis.

the Woman-fire – and between her and Lenin broke out passion. She was 35, he was 39. But Hope, he could not refuse, though she tried to leave. As told Kollontai: “actually, Krupskaya was aware of. She knew that Lenin was very much attached to Inessa, and has repeatedly expressed its intention to leave. Lenin kept it.” For some time formed a love triangle in which, contrary to all the ideals of communism, Vladimir Ilyich needed for the happiness of the two contrasting women.

In the house Ulyanov Inessa Armand became indispensable: the housekeeper, translator, Secretary. The two women had established friendly relations.

In April 1917, Armand came to Russia in the same compartment of the sealed train with Lenin and Krupskaya.

Inessa Armand became organizthe author first international conference of women Communists, wrote more than a dozen articles in which he called the traditional family a thing of the past.

In the 2000s, the media published an interview with Alexander Steffen, who was born in 1913 and called himself the son of Vladimir Ulyanov and Armand. The German citizen claims that after 7 months after the birth of Vladimir Ulyanov added it to the family of the Austrian colleagues.

the Hostages of the revolution

After the revolution, Lenin was forced to decide with your personal life, and he chose Krupskaya. Passionate French returned to Paris and wrote thence letters full of love for Lenin and sympathy to his wife:

“I have now been without kisses, only to see you, to talk with you would be happy — and that no one would be hurt. Why would I deny this? Are you asking if I’m mad because you “spent” separation. No, I think you didn’t do it for yourself. There were many good in Paris and in the relationship with N. To. In one of our last conversations she told me that she was particularly dear and close only recently. And I loved her almost from their first meeting”…

In 1920, Inessa Armand died of typhus, returning to Moscow from Kislovodsk, where she went to improve their health. Lenin personally met at the Kursk station the coffin with her body.

Among the many wreaths on a fresh grave, stood one of the white flowers with black ribbon: “Tov. Inessa from V. I. Lenin.”

Even in this period, Lenin did not lose attachment to the wife. He watched her quiet steps in and out to meet on the stairs. When Stalin, who had considered himself the head of state, was rude to Nadezhda Konstantinovna, Lenin stood up for the spouse and was so nervous that the kurtosis hastened his death.

Lenin survived Inessa Armand for only 4 years. But Hope survived her husband for 15 years. His children Lenin and Krupskaya had, and Nadezhda Konstantinovna to the end of his life was cared for by strangers. Including children of Inessy Armand, and her daughter became Krupskaya’s closestm person.

Nadezhda Konstantinovna died in 1939, the day after his birthday marked in a big way. Suddenly opened appendicitis with peritonitis, and the doctor came only three hours later.

Krupskaya and Armand even buried nearby. On red square near the Kremlin wall.

Galina Pogodina

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