(Montreal) More than 60 people have had to be assessed in Montreal and Laval for carbon monoxide poisoning since Wednesday, while thousands of Quebecers are still without electricity following the ice storm and Freezing Rain.

According to the report drawn up Friday morning by Urgences-santé, which serves the territories of the islands of Montreal and Laval, 38 people have been examined by first responders in Montreal during 17 interventions since the start of the blackouts.

In Laval, 24 people were assessed for carbon monoxide poisoning during nine interventions.

In total, of the 62 patients assessed, 43 people were taken to hospital. Urgences-santé reported no deaths on Friday morning.

Carbon monoxide is a particularly malignant gas, since it is colorless and odorless. However, it can be very dangerous, since it can take the place of oxygen in the blood.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Public Security also recalled on Twitter the importance of not using fuel-burning appliances indoors, even if a power outage is prolonged.

“Never heat yourself with gas-powered appliances such as stoves, space heaters, camp heaters, or barbecues. In the event of a prolonged outage in cold weather, check if your municipality has provided accommodation where you could go to ensure your safety, “adds the Government of Quebec on a page dedicated to this subject on its website.

At the height of the crisis, more than a million Hydro-Québec subscribers were plunged into darkness since the passage of the ice storm on Wednesday. Friday morning, the report showed 674,000 customers still without power.