At the first question time in the British Parliament after the vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he again confirmed that he wanted to remain in office. “In terms of Jobs, I’ll keep mine,” Johnson said in Parliament on Wednesday.

Johnson survived a no-confidence vote by his conservative faction on Monday, but experienced a violent rebellion. 148 party colleagues withdrew their trust from him.

Question time on Wednesday was accompanied by boos and heckling, and Parliament Speaker Lindsay Hoyle had to keep things quiet. Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), compared Johnson to the Black Knight from the Monty Python film “Knight of the Coconut”, who although he lost both arms and legs in a duel, saying “That’s right just a flesh wound!” wants to keep fighting.

According to a spokeswoman for Johnson, a cabinet reshuffle is not to be expected. She denied speculation that Johnson’s most promising intra-party rival, ex-Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, could soon be appointed Treasury Secretary. It is now important that the party stands together and implements the government’s ambitious political program, the spokeswoman continued. Hunt had been closely following Parliament’s Question Time and Johnson’s performance from the back row.