TOPSHOT - Haitians protesting high prices and shortages burn tires on a street of Port-au-Prince on July 13, 2022. - Soaring prices, food and fuel shortages and rampant gang violence are accelerating a brutal downward spiral in the security situation in the Haitian capital Port au Prince, and threatening the humanitarian aid the increasingly desperate population relies on. (Photo by Richard Pierrin / AFP)

In a slum in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, hundreds of people have become victims of rampant gang crime within ten days, according to the UN. More than 471 people were killed, injured or missing in the Cité Soleil district between July 8 and 17, the UN said on Monday.

Serious cases of sexual violence and recruitment of boys by the gangs have also been reported. 3000 residents had to flee from the gang violence.