President, Donald Trump has said U.S. companies by decree the use of telecommunications technology, which is classified as a risk to the national security of the United States. To this end, he called for a national state of emergency in the telecommunications sector. As the main objective of the measure is the Chinese technology group Huawei, especially since the United States fight a Trade dispute with the people’s Republic of.

The government will do everything it can “to protect America from foreign enemies,” said trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. A representative of the White house declared that the measure was directed against a particular country or company. It is safe to say that the debate on the possible threats to cyber security due to Huawei’s technology is behind trump’s decree.

Huawei is on the US market only had a limited presence, but a leading provider of infrastructure technology of the fifth Generation of mobile communications (5G). The technique of the group also plays in the establishment of 5G mobile networks have an important role, the vehicles should, in turn, a number of key technologies, such as networked factories or Autonomous to prepare the way.

fear of The US that Huawei technology could be a gateway for Chinese espionage and Sabotage. Only last year, Trump had signed a law that says the US government is the use of Huawei equipment and the Chinese company ZTE Corp., sub.

At the instigation of the United States, several countries classified the company as a potential danger to cyber security. Also in Germany is being discussed about a possible involvement of the Chinese company on the Development of 5G networks to be controversial.

Huawei itself always refers back to its independence from the Chinese state. On No-Spy agreements with governments the corporate security wants to dispel people’s concerns.