24.06.2022, Ukraine, Charkiw: Ein ukrainischer Soldat betrachtet die Ruinen des Sportkomplexes der Nationalen Technischen Universität, der während eines nächtlichen Beschusses beschädigt wurde. In einem Teil des Gebäudes brach ein Feuer aus, das jedoch von der Feuerwehr gelöscht werden konnte. Foto: Andrii Marienko/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A Ukrainian politician who worked for the Russian occupying forces was attacked in Cherson in southern Ukraine. Moscow is dependent on the collaborators to promote the Russification of the occupied territories. The incident comes in a series of attacks in recent weeks that show partisans are becoming more active.

Cherson, with its formerly around 300,000 inhabitants, is a center of the movement. Just a few days ago, two Russian soldiers were shot dead in a café. For weeks, small notices have been posted in the city with slogans criticizing the occupation and threatening Putin’s troops.

Shortly after the Russian invasion, Western military and secret services had expected strong partisan activities – which did not come. Now that seems to be changing. This not only poses problems for the Russian troops in terms of security. The question is also how do they react?

As we know from wars, stronger repression only encourages rebellion. But Moscow needs willing collaborators – permanently occupying the conquered Ukrainian territories with the military will hardly be sustainable; the area is too big. The underground fighters apparently want to take advantage of this.

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