13.07.2022, Ukraine, Mariupol: Bauarbeiter arbeiten auf der Baustelle eines neuen Wohnblocks, der mit Unterstützung des russischen Verteidigungsministeriums in Mariupol gebaut wird. Dieses Foto wurde während einer vom russischen Verteidigungsministerium organisierten Reise aufgenommen. Foto: Uncredited/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, there have been repeated reports of Ukrainian residents refusing to cooperate with the Russian occupiers in the conquered territories. According to a report by the US think tank Institute for the Study of War, this has not changed.

Russian officials are still struggling to get enough workers to clean up debris and reopen businesses, for example.

The Ukrainian resistance center recently reported that three banks in the Cherson region could not reopen because not enough Ukrainians had agreed to work there. And in the Luhansk region there are said to be insufficient medical staff for exactly the same reasons, so the occupiers send Russian doctors from Novosibirsk and Volgograd, for example, to the region.

According to the report, the Russian officials in Mariupol are now using their own means to force the population to cooperate. The city council has announced that the provision of humanitarian aid to residents on behalf of the occupiers has been stopped – food is only available in exchange for clearing mines and rubble.

The city of Kharkov is hotly contested, the Russians are expanding their control in Luhansk and soldiers are patrolling the streets of Cherson. How is everyday life possible in the south and east of Ukraine?

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