Yes, everyone feels that his/her life is now directly or indirectly dependent on the technology. Advanced technologies are becoming the most essential part of life. It has made it possible to analyse anything just with few clicks on your system. Has anyone imagined this few years ago? The answer will be no but still, everything happened, and it is giving new challenges every day. So far till the time technology has greatly affected the working style in the organization. The effect is positive it had made all the working much more efficient than before. One of the most used techniques in the organization is proctoring software.


This software is playing a major role in the recruitment process. As we all know that the recruitment process is not simple as it seems to be. Choosing the right candidate is a tough job for human resource managers, as the human asset plays a very important role in adding value to the organization. Any mistake is done while recruiting can quite troublesome. So, the recruitment process has various steps which the applied candidates have to do and whosoever clears all the levels is selected for the job. The first and foremost step of recruitment is online assessment tests that are taken to analyse the knowledge and skill level of the candidate. Earlier the candidates need to travel from distant places to appear for the exam to the exam centre but with the help of proctoring software the work has been made easy for both exam takers and the candidates.


The proctoring software has artificial intelligence that helps in keeping the eye on the candidates that are appearing for the exam from anywhere. This system provides the facility to the candidate to give an exam wherever he wants like his home or office. The software without its physical presence keeps an eye on the candidate while appearing for the test. This ensures that the assessment test fully padlocked in every best possible way and there is no scope of any cheating or any other malpractices and the exam content is fully secured. It has able the organizations and even the students not to restrict the geographical boundaries as the test is possible within a few clicks on the computer.


The proctoring software working is not that complex as that of the other system. It may not be wrong if we say that this software as the eyes, nose, and ears of the examiner. Like eyes, it keeps a continuous check on the candidate appearing for the exam, as ears it assures that there is no disturbance during the test and like the nose, it can smell out if anything fishy happens by recording the exam that can become the evidence in case of any trouble created by the candidate. Like this it assures that during the test everything is going great and if he finds anything wrong it can give alert or even can cancel or disqualify the candidate from giving the exam.


The online proctoring system has 3 levels by which it assures against any sort of malpractices.

  1. In the first level, before the test starts the candidates who are going to appear for the exam are being verified through biometric verification and facial recognition.
  2. In the second level the ongoing evaluation process is being done where a settled proctor invigilates a large number of candidates. It is almost like an examiner keeping an eye on the candidate’s behaviours and the only difference is it is not performed with the physical presence but is done through the internet. The candidates are providing with a test window within which they have to give an exam. If the system finds any incident of malpractices, it will give red flags as the mark of warnings. Once the candidate has entered for the exam, he cannot open any other site, doing something like this can cancel the exam of the respective candidate.
  3. In the third level of this system whole of the exam is being recorded and is archived so that if there is any sort of requirement then only the faculty will have access to it.


This system has provided both organizations and the candidates to adjust their timing according to their convenience level. This software has upgraded the level of exams as much of the expense and time is being saved. After this test the candidates who are clears the exam are shortlisted. They are further called for interviews or other tests.


But now looking at the situations around us because of coronavirus, probably the educational institutes will also shift themselves to this system. So that they can also be able to conduct the exam without any worry of malpractices. It may not be wrong if we say that any person can do cheating when the invigilator is physically present at the exam centre. but it is very hard or probably something next to impossible to cheat while being observed by this system. The future of exams will be bagged by this system. This way the technology will be upgraded as well as the social distancing will also be maintained.


This software will act as an all in one solution that will help the educational institutes to conduct exams for their students and also for the organizations to conduct the assessment exams for the applied candidates. There are many proctoring software available in the market and these companies are giving a tight competition to each other. Do consider Mettl proctoring software that will ensure you with the best facilities that are required in perfect software. Time to time updation is also provided so that it can easily cope up with the new challenges. Always keep in mind that the most expensive software will provide you with the best services. The things that matter is the quality of services and the work done by the software. The software should be user friendly so that the examiner did not find any difficulty in operating it.