How many American aircraft shot down Soviet pilots in Korea

History 01/01/20 How many American aircraft shot down Soviet pilots in Korea

65 years ago, officially ended the Korean war. Despite the fact that the USSR until the 1970-ies did not recognize their participation in this military conflict, only because the Soviet pilots the course of events was changed in favor of North Korea, which allowed her to become the government, what it is today.

International aid

Reference of the NATO countries the majority complain that the ratio of losses among the Soviet and supporting South Korea American pilots was a one-to-two in favor of the USSR. Our pilots proved to be much bolder, more experienced and more professional than their Western opponents. In fact, the sky of the Korean Peninsula with each other, fought the pilots of the Soviet Union and the United States, on neutral territory to prove who the better. At the same time, it should be noted that itself North Korea’s own aircraft almost had.

the beginning of hostilities in the summer of 1950, the air force of Communist-minded Koreans had no more than 150 aircraft. Of course, the Americans destroyed them all in the first weeks of the war, fully capturing the power in the sky of the Korean Peninsula. In this situation, without the intervention of the Soviet Union the fate of the creators of the DPRK would have been very tragic. Realizing this, the leaders of North Korea appealed to the Soviet government. Was soon formed of the 64th fighter aviation corps. For three years in its composition, had some fighting 12 fighter air division.

the First victory

the Appearance in the Korean skies of the MiG-15 became for Americans an unpleasant surprise. Our first victory was gained on 1 November 1950. The link MiG-15 under the command of major stroykova a I attacked a group of piston fighters US P-51 “Mustang”. During the battle was destroyed by the F-80 Shooting Star. A few days later, on 9 November 1950, the owltskemi pilots N. Podgorny and A. Bordun was hit two long-range bomber B-29 Superfortress. Total time fighting our pilots destroyed about 70 planes of this classification. In a few weeks the situation was radically changed.

Then the U.S. command sent to the Korean Peninsula the latest F-86 Sabre. Just to ensure that their pilots were assigned to experienced pilots, each of which had in its account at least five victories.

the First fight between the MiG-15 and F-86, which occurred 21 December 1950, ended for the Americans defeat. Captain Yurkevich easily shot down the first in the history of the Korean war the F-86. But the next day began a massive aerial combat, resulting in significant losses on both sides.

nevertheless, The Soviet aces convincingly took the lead of the downed aircraft. Americans are so afraid of Soviet fighters that were released into the sky their heavy bombers only at night. But it did not help them. In the spring of 1952, major A. Karelin in a night battle shot down a b-29 bomber, opened by night victories Soviet aviation in the Korean war. In three years of fighting Karelin was a peculiar record, destroying in the night encounters five enemy aircraft and thereby earning the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. During the entire period of hostilities in Korea, the Soviet air force made 64 thousand sorties, taking part in more than 1,900 air battles. The Americans lost 1100 downed aircraft, in particular, have lost 651 ultramodern fighter F-86. Not surprisingly, North Korea, appreciating the assistance of the pilots of the USSR in the war with South Korea still remains a true friend of our country.

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