Livios “is A question that a lot of builders out of mind,” says architect Eric Became aanbouwsite Livios. “It’s really important to have a new building, sufficient to allow it to dry.” 3,000-5,000 litres of water

“When a new building is completed, there is still a lot of trapped moisture in the building is in. This is somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 gallons of water. That is about the content of a gemiddelderegenwaterput! This quantity should, in the long term, but that may take some time, it is self-evident, and that’s quite a bit of energy as well.”

“Here to save you, it’s best not to. Better the short pain, and then a pleasant comfort in your home.Bouwdrogersin together with the fans really do work wonders. It is amazing to see how much fluid you can out of your home, you can pick it up.”Click here to read why you really, really have a bouwdroger is needed.

with Sufficient heat and ventilation

“Shows you in a short time, do not be fooled doorpleisterwerkdat nice, white appearance. It’s just the outside, which appears to be dry, and the entire thickness of the wall is still wet. If there are, effectively, three months after the installation of the floor, and you take care of the heating in combination with ventilation and the house is likely to be dry enough for use without risk of disease, and schimmelende kastruggen and mattress to move in,” says Houben.

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“keep in mind that this balance can only be reached by a sufficient number of heating and ventilation. If you really are going to live in, in the beginning of your turn, the moisture production from washing, cooking, cleaning, breathing…). This is the moisture you will need, together with the residual moisture in the building are also treated with care.”

TIP: Make sure to have a good verluchtingdoor your home at least twice a day for a quarter of an hour to get the passes.Click here to read the 10 ultimate ventilatiegeboden.