The Catalan capital of Barcelona can make the air pollution by a quarter, reduce, and, in total, hundreds of lives each year in rescue due to the mass introduction of the so-called ‘supereilanden’. That is a large pedestrian and green areas are currently being successfully tested, and its proponents would like them to try to get as many as possible will appear in the display.

The concept of the “supereilanden’ in Spanish,’ the superillas ” or ” supermanzanas ’, that is, the typical square blocks of the city, between the busy eenrichtingstraten to be turned into car-free zones where pedestrians and bicycles have priority. Instead of passing traffic through every street to send visitors only from the outside of a square of nine blocks to pass through.

All of it is reserved for the soft road users, and only to, residents, and city and emergency vehicles are allowed to be there with the car. In return, it makes the movement more greenery, pedestrian zones, parks, children’s playgrounds, and other gathering places for the neighborhood.

Barcelona is facing a relatively compact city with more than 1.6 million people, with a high air pollution and a lot of noise. In many districts, there is only one type of green space in the form of a park or a square. The city has been since march of 2017, six ‘supereilanden” as a pilot project, in order to do something about it. In spite of the initial hampered by, among other shop owners, and motorists, the draft is now to be positive. The number of pedestrians and cyclists has increased, as has the number of stores.