mixed-use real estate could result in a lot of space for new living spaces. Researchers at the TU Darmstadt and the Pestel-Institute have calculated that merely by raising the Roof of the office complex and office buildings nationwide 560.000 residential units could be constructed. The full potential through infill development, such as Increase, change of use and development of failure surfaces figured you to be 2.3 to 2.7 million homes.

For the study, how many buildings there are in Germany. Part of the scientists used the inside on the building plans and aerial images. Then they calculated the potential of densification and change of use for different building types. They went from an average apartment size of 75 square meters. The study was commissioned by a coalition of 16 associations of the construction industry in order.

Alone, around 400,000 additional dwellings in the urban areas of the twenty largest food and discount chains – no sacrifice to make in the sales areas or Parking facilities. “Single storey discount stores with Parking lots have huge potential for additional apartments,” said Karsten Tichelmann of the TU Darmstadt. “Here, it’s very attractive locations in towns and cities,” he said. However, it would have to be invested for that much: Parking and storage areas would need to be relocated in the ground, so that the market-apartment complexes can arise.

Also offer financial incentives necessary

Self City Park, houses space for dwellings: Will increase the top Parking deck, the study of at least 20,000 additional housing units nationwide. Overall, the scientists come to more than 1.2 million homes, which could nationwide occur through the conversion of Non-residential buildings. It would add between 1.1 to 1.5 million homes, which would be through the roof restocking of existing residential buildings of the Fifties until the nineties.

That a densification is necessary for the researchers: “nationwide, over a Million homes lack”, said the head of the Pestel-Institute, Matthias Günther. Currently, should a year nationwide are built around 400,000 new apartments. Actually, it was thus last year, but less than 300,000. The housing shortage affects mainly the big cities. But even there, where the need is high, the reserves are huge.

The associations are derived from the study of a variety of claims on the policy. Necessary developments in the construction and planning law. So surfaces would have to in increase about the rules for Basement and the height of eaves and ridges to be handled more flexibly. In addition, the requirements for the car should be loosened pitches.

Finally, the associations also call for financial incentives. For example, through infill development or redevelopment resulting apartments may be depreciated faster. In addition, there should be allowances for more investment and funding programmes.