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is one of the great social issues of our time. TIME ONLINE will focus on the situation on the German residential market. This Text is part of the series.

old buildings with stucco, in front of wide sidewalks with trees, between the neighborhoods of small Parks; the life in the neighbourhood; in the houses a mixture of shops, workshops, studios, and homes: Today, people from all over the world to Berlin, and real estate companies promote expensive apartments in Wedding, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain or Neukölln. 150 years ago, but the special settlement structure of Berlin in all of the Distress was scheduled and long after, even demonized.

This was also the worst possible circumstances. With industrialization, the cities grew in the whole of Europe like never before. Everywhere manufactories, machine shops and workshops were built. Hundreds of thousands of women, men, and children moved in search of work and happiness in the cities. Also to Berlin.

The seat of the king of Prussia was transformed within a few years from a collection of inconspicuous places for one of the largest metropolises in the world. Between 1810 and 1860, tripled the population of the city was. However, many people lived in cellars or in not heated rooms. So-called sleep-goers shared their beds to: anyone Who was not on shift, was allowed to lie down. Not only for the Hygiene, was a challenge.

The city planner James Hobrecht received the order to improve the Situation. But he had a Problem: The ground was at that time in Berlin, largely in private ownership. The state simply had enough funds to simply buy land and build on it. To the housing shortage, Mr, was Hobrecht dependent on the Initiative of private investors.

a model for Tokyo and Moscow

Within two years, he designed with his planning team development plan. At that time, there were no role models for such a project, and later dozens of cities Hobrechts Council, among other things, Tokyo and Moscow were looking for. The city planner, the former political Situation, not unreasonably, to liberalism. For his Plan was: He established only where roads and some places, such as for churches. In between, companies could build to the minimum requirements. So huge failure caused streets in the direction of the surrounding area, the name of the schönhauser Allee, müller straße, Potsdamer Straße or Frankfurter Allee.

Housing for Rent-focus

Wohnen is one of the great social issues of our time. In our focus, we report, where the lease charge is highest, what is the role large corporations play in the process, and how still today, affordable housing create. The following articles are published:

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