The Style of H&M is testing a new concept store in a trendy neighborhood of Berlin, germany. They have opened up there, ‘Mitte ‘ Station’, which is a new concept for the clothing retailer, where, in addition to buy clothes also have yoga classes you can follow, or have a drink.

H&M, it’s been a few years, with fewer good grades to do, and this will shake the Swedish brand, a lot of tricks out of his sleeve. That is why this is a new concept. A similar store was last year in Stockholm and is open, the second store to open, now, therefore, in the Mitte district of Berlin, germany.

The store will be a much smaller dog than a regular H&M stores and the collection is tailored to the style of the people. The shop in Berlin is so vegan cosmetics, and perfumes to find. But, in addition, they can sell also second-hand clothing from other brands. Sports enthusiasts can yogaspullen in the nab and also to test out the classes that will be given.