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History 06/01/20 Like Hitler wanted to “saw” the Soviet Union after the victory

the Millennial prosperity of Hitler and his entourage had planned only for the Third Reich. The conquered States were to disappear — so it was easier to exploit their wealth, keeping in obedience of the population and the elite.

the Soviet Union would cut like a pie

the Plan “Barbarossa” to attack and to wage war with the Soviet Union is widely known. Plan “Oldenburg”, the sign is that of professional historians. And after all, it was painted post-war fate of the USSR. The dismemberment of the Soviet Union was calculated in advance.

Study plan “Oldenburg” Hitler ordered the Reichsmarschall Goering, making the plan known also as the “Green folder Goering” colour of the cover of the folder in which it was stored. Goering approached the matter thoroughly — all valuable equipment was supposed to take to the Reich, the rest destroyed. The Soviet Union had become a source of agricultural products for Germany.

Originally, the project was approved at a secret meeting on March 1, 1941. Then came the detail work, and a final version was adopted on 29 April 1941. The territory of the Soviet Union was supposed to be divided into 4 economic Inspectorate — Leningrad, Moscow, Kiev, Baku — which would have received Germanized names, 23 economic commandant and a dozen offices.

the European part of the Soviet Union was planned to be divided into 7 States dependent on Germany. The Baltic States became the protectorate joining the Deutschland soon. Goering became the head of “Economic headquarters of the special assignment Oldenburg”, which was supposed to carry out the economic exploitation of the conquered Soviet Union. A week before the invasion was issued the “guidelines for the management of the newly occupied areas.”

as soon As Germany began to fight the Cossacks of Krasnov and Shkuro, Hitler promised to create an independent Russian Cossacks, because they believed separate the Cossacks from the Russian people. Its statehood was promised to the Crimean Tatars and almost every major nation of the Caucasus, who fought for the Third Reich. But the archives has preserved the true Hitler’s plans in regard to these territories — they were seen as part of the thousand-year Reich. And Crimea was planned at all clear from the local population and settle German colonists.

the Eastern territory of the former USSR was given under the control of Alfred Rosenberg, including its social and demographic experiments. The European part of the USSR had to feed Germany in the truest sense of the word — all produced food were to be sent to Deutschland. What will die from hunger millions of non-Aryans is at hand. And living space is free, and the purity of the race will not be threatened.

Prosperity is only for Germans!

However, in the territories up to the Urals was supposed to leave about 50 million people — to work on a greater Germany, including as slaves for future German settlers. The latter is not supposed to stay in the village, as there was an excellent city with an excellent infrastructure. Slaves had to work the land and underground (in the mines and the mines), training and the development of culture was forbidden. Only had music as an inspiring feats of labor. Bases of operation were elaborated in the Memorandum of the labour Institute of the German labor front in autumn 1941.

From the conquered peoples had to develop corruption that shook their morale and made weaker. Weapons could only hold the Germans. Hitler claimed that no military government in Germany, should not exist West of the Urals — in the name of security of the German people. Implementation of the plan “Oldenburg” has connected five business inspections, 23 economic commands and 12 of their branches, the so-called “Oriental society”, which defended the interests of big German capital.

the Looting of the Soviet Union began literally on the trailthe next day after the invasion. Germany took out everything that had any value. Have data even on the removal of Ukrainian fertile black soil. Since 1943, when the red army began to liberate previously occupied territories, the Wehrmacht and the occupation authorities began to apply the tactics of “scorched earth”, destroying everything that could not be transported.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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