landlords are supposed to pay according to the will of the SPD, the property tax in the future, alone. Finance expert Carsten Schneider said the “Rheinische Post”, the levy on the additional costs.

should in addition to the land tax for the operation, regulation costs will be changed, said the Parliamentary Manager of the SPD group in the Bundestag. Thus, the tenant would be relieved. The housing industry has criticized the move to sharp: The result of higher taxes and lower investment in the houses.

“We don’t need 2000 new financial officials”

Schneider responded with his proposal for a warning of the Minister-President of Bavaria, Markus Söder, prior to rising Rents due to higher property tax. The CSU leader, had spoken out in the search for a compromise to avoid a large administrative burden: “We don’t need 2000 new financial officers for the land-tax, the money I would rather spend for police officers and teachers. And of course, we need to increase taxes – and rent increases – to avoid. Because the land tax is allocated immediately to the tenant.”

After a decision of the Federal constitutional court, the reason must be reformed to be expensive. At the beginning of February had agreed that the Federal government and the Länder on the key points. According to the white paper, a model should be sought, in the land values, age of buildings and the average rent used to be. Bayern had made, however, for a non-bureaucratic tax calculation only to the surface.

“No local politician wants to expose tenants to higher stresses”

The real estate Association IVD has criticized the SPD’s use of fundamental tax reform, to raise its profile as a party of social balance. “The basic thought of expensive in accordance with the equivalence principle as a fee for the use of municipal infrastructure. It is therefore only right and proper that the residents of apartment buildings, so the tenants are involved,” said President Jürgen Michael Schick.

If the reason should tax are not allocated to the rent, this could lead to higher collection rates and control, warned Send. “No local politician wants to expose tenants to higher stresses. If, however, the tax increases, only the owner would meet, would let all inhibitions go.” In the result, the owner could then invest less in their homes.

support got Schneider from the Left. “Where the owners exploit the legal limit to rent increases, it would reduce the burden of the loss of levy capacity the tenant directly,” said the member of the Bundestag Jörg Cezanne. The AfD group, urged against, the estate tax is completely abolished. The SPD’s proposal was not thought through: Would you ban only, the tax on the tenant, would increase the Rents massively, said the member of Parliament Enrico Komning.

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