The health ministers of the federal and state governments want to present the measures for the corona pandemic for the coming autumn on July 1st. By then, an expert opinion on the effectiveness of the measures in the last winter wave would be available, said the chair of the Health Ministers’ Conference, Saxony-Anhalt’s department head Petra Grimm-Benne (SPD), on Thursday in Magdeburg.

Based on the findings, the measures for the following period should then be presented on Friday next week in a special conference of health ministers.

A heavy wave must be expected, said Federal Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) on Thursday in Magdeburg after two days of consultations.

In this context, the Minister of Health announced restrictions on citizen tests. “I have to point out that we no longer do every citizen test.” He wants to limit corona tests without cause. In addition, the test centers should be monitored more closely.

Lauterbach emphasized that from his point of view, citizen tests were “absolutely necessary” even beyond the previous regulation until the end of June. However, it is no longer necessary to do every citizen test, and tests without a reason should be restricted. Lauterbach also referred to a requirement of the budget committee of the Bundestag that the federal states should participate in the financing, which was previously only borne by the federal government.