Trump is targeting black and Latino voters in his election campaign. He wants to reach Biden’s core voters with a campaign event in the South Bronx.

Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, is planning a campaign rally in New York’s South Bronx. In doing so, he is trying to weaken President Joe Biden’s support in a traditionally Democratic district, reports Reuters. Trump particularly wants to appeal to black and Latino voters, groups that traditionally vote for Democrats.

While the strategy may have little chance of success in Democratic-leaning New York, well-attended events in the city could still have a positive effect on Trump’s image, political analysts say.

According to surveys, around 40 percent of registered voters would currently vote for Biden, and the same number would vote for Trump. In a New York Times poll in March, 23 percent of blacks and 46 percent of Hispanics were in favor of Trump, far more than in the 2020 election.

Analysts see inflation and its impact on low-income people as a reason for Biden’s declining support among non-white voters. Trump is expected to address this issue, as well as the economy, crime and immigration, his campaign said.