potato prices in Germany have risen due to harvest losses due to the drought last summer by half. Customers must pay at the supermarket is currently 84 cents per kilogram for potatoes – a year ago, there were only 55 cents, reported Christoph Hambloch, an Analyst of the agricultural market information service (AMI). Even more expensive, the tubers could be in the spring.

In the super markets, it will not, therefore, a larger supply of potatoes, which are optically quite optimal, and in years of better harvesting of the plants sorted out. So more tubers would find themselves with dark spots or black nodules on the shelves. It was only purely optical defects, which would have no impact on the consumption of potatoes, said Hambloch.

Although this year will be about 1.5 to 2.0 million tonnes of potatoes were harvested, consumers no supply bottlenecks to fear. Because the harvest last year was very good, could use many of the farms still in Surplus. Would add less potatoes to be exported and more imported – particularly in the coming year, many early are expected to Mature by the end of potatoes.

potato farmers, which had, despite the drought, a good harvest, could currently benefit from much higher prices. So, the prices, the demand by farmers for potatoes had, 10 Euro per 100 kg on 25 to 26 Euro more than doubled.

problems could, however, get the farmers have marketed their crop in advance at fixed prices, said Hambloch. Also in the case of Establishments, the processing of the tubers, such as Schälbetriebe, was the Situation in the East of Germany is currently difficult.