ARCHIV - 30.05.2022, Berlin: Das Logo des Fernsehsenders OstWest TV wird auf einem Monitor in einem Fernsehstudio angezeigt. Der private Fernsehsender mit Sitz in Berlin-Charlottenburg richtet sich an russischsprachiges Publikum in Deutschland und im Ausland. Die Wahl der Preisträger für den renommierten Hanns-Joachim-Friedrichs-Preis steht in diesem Jahr stark im Zeichen des russischen Angriffskrieges in der Ukraine. Die Auszeichnung geht zu gleichen Teilen an den «Spiegel»-Reporter C. Reuter und an die Redaktion von Ost-West-TV in Berlin. Foto: Monika Skolimowska/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The award goes equally to the “Spiegel” reporter Christoph Reuter and to the editors of Ost-West-TV in Berlin. The organizers announced this on Thursday in Hamburg.

Reuter was honored for his “outstanding achievements” in reporting on the attack on Ukraine. Ost-West-TV received the award for the “courageous commitment to informing a Russian-speaking public, which can almost only get their picture of the events from the state-controlled media”.

The special prize goes to the editors of the news program “logo!” on the children’s channel (KiKA), “particularly for their careful and honest reporting on the Ukraine conflict in a program for children”. The prize will be awarded on November 10th in Hamburg. The main prize is endowed with a total of 5000 euros and will be divided accordingly. The special prize is endowed with 2500 euros.

“The way in which Christoph Reuter now combines print and podcasts, online videos and TV documentaries, TV interviews and appearances as a talk show guest in his work can be seen as the answer in a multimedia world of communication and is groundbreaking,” praised the jury. “In the current Ukraine reporting, Reuters contributions on all channels have become essential for Germany’s image of the war. They have a formative effect because they were extremely credible from the start.”

The Berlin broadcaster said: “Since February 24, Ost-West-TV has offered a refuge for threatened journalists from Russia and Ukraine. It is the last independent Russian language channel in Europe. In this way, the editorial team – with a very small staff of 30 employees – is able to do something indispensable in times of war: independent reporting that is committed to the facts.”