The Green Party leader Ricarda Lang considers a follow-up offer for the nine-euro ticket in local public transport possible. “We are now investigating whether people are really switching from the car to the train because of the ticket. If that’s the case, we absolutely have to talk in the coalition about how we can build on this success,” Lang told the “Bild am Sonntag”.

The nine-euro ticket is “a huge success” and the sales figures speak for themselves, Lang said. However, Lang rejects an extension of the tank discount introduced at the beginning of June in parallel with the nine-euro ticket. “The fuel discount is limited to three months and it should stay that way,” she said. There are “smarter measures” to support commuters.

Lang announced further financial relief for citizens and questioned compliance with the debt brake in 2023. “There will be further relief,” said Lang. “The increased gas and electricity prices have not yet fully reached the people. But that will change by autumn and winter. We are talking about what further relief we then have to bring on the way.” Lang also warned: “In the case of future relief, we clearly have to be even more targeted, for example by staggering grants socially.”

Of secondary importance for Lang is whether the debt brake can be complied with again in 2023. “The decisive question is not whether we will suspend the debt brake at all costs or comply with it, but whether we will meet the challenges of our time,” said Lang. “One thing is clear for us Greens: We will not save on social issues. Not because of citizen income, not because of basic child security, not because of the necessary relief for poorer households.” She justified this with social peace. “If we save on social spending, more people may slide into poverty and lose trust in the state. This endangers the foundations of our democracy.”