Hamont-Achel Tennis champion, Elise, Will, it is Tuesday afternoon in the town hall of the town of Hamont-Achel to be honored after her first grandslamtitel. This past Sunday, won the usage to the finale of the vrouwendubbelspel at the US Open this year. Out of the hands of the mayor, Henry Rijcken (PRO), she’s got to be in the company of her father, the flowers, Achel Trappist beer and a teutenbeeldje. “I am very happy that everyone in Hamont-Achel, so sympathetic to the plight of my ability,” she said with her perpetual grin on his face.

Will arrived on Monday at the airport of Schiphol airport and will be staying a few days in Hamont. This week, here she is again in the plane to Asia to be ready for the Masters, the double and master’s degrees in the room. “A lot of time to celebrate the victory, I have not,” she laughs. “I’m really glad that I was in the province of Limburg’m in, even though it is only for a few days. The reception at the town hall, it was a little surprise, which I’m sure is fine for me. In addition, the fact that many of the Belgians to wake up during the night continued to be my ability to follow it, did you?”