The German pharmaceutical group Bayer has lost in the USA, a further process of the controversial herbicide glyphosate. Bayer, a subsidiary of Monsanto, was sentenced to pay damages in the amount of $ 80 million. The jury in San Francisco found that the Monsanto weed killer Roundup with the active ingredient glyphosate, for the origin of cancer disease by the plaintiff, Edwin Hardeman responsible.

Bayer announced in a statement appeal. In the last week, the Jury was already in the preliminary round for the first part of the process to the conclusion that Roundup should be classified as a carcinogen. Bayer denies the allegations against glyphosate and refers to the fact that admission authorities rated the world the weed killer when used properly as safe.

Bayer the case Hardeman is highly controversial, since it is a direction-oriented Patterns covered in a mass procedure. Several of these cases can help the parties to the dispute, to the extent of damage and the amount of possible payments of compensation better estimate. A total of several Hundred actions brought by farmers, gardeners, and consumers are in the competent US judge bundled.

Bayer shares under pressure

The wave of lawsuits against Bayer came after a jury had awarded to the cancer patients Dewayne Johnson in another procedure in August, a total of 289 million dollars in Pain and suffering, and compensation. The judge lowered the penalty against the last year, Bayer acquired the U.S. Seed company Monsanto, later on, to more than 78 million dollars, in principle, they changed the judgment, but nothing.

On the stock exchange, Bayer is because of the many glyphosate-action lawsuits in the United States, in the meantime, under strong pressure. Investors and analysts question whether the group may have underestimated the risks of some 63 billion Dollar Monsanto purchase. The current procedure was only the beginning: Until the end of January, Monsanto in the United States were glyphosate-related claims of approximately 11,200 applicants. On Thursday to start another process at a regional court in Oakland, California.