Belgian football, and The name now has a face. Francesco Antonucci (20) it was a Tuesday, and what a lovely surprise for the U21. “I can do better.” That’s a good start …

no doubt you’ve already been on to him to read. And it doesn Francesco Antonucci, a vaguely ring a bell. The number of non foreign in their own country.

It has been too long silent, have been around for the champions. In 2015, in Anderlecht and lost to Ajax as a highly talented, but when he was next to AS as Monaco went on, got very little attention. Are uitleenbeurt to the Volendam this summer and stayed completely under the radar. “However, I think I made the right choice to have. I was able to play in an environment that I know of.”

it Was him at Anderlecht and stayed there, this might have been done, in addition to a more attractive level. Antonucci, who is on Tuesday for the U21 against Bosnia-Herzegovina (0-0) charmeerde, gets the shoulder up. “There’s no way to tell whether or not I was in Belgium, before it was broken up. It can be done, yes. However, I have no regrets. I am teaching in foreign countries a lot.” Even if it was just with the stars in the (practice)field, too. “Youri Tielemans was made for my buddy up in Canada. Also, with the Mbappé, and Fabinho, I settled on this. Of these riders, you can learn a lot from him.”