Summer is right around the corner, and the countdown for the World Cup in soccer has begun. This year will be different in many ways, as the cup is being played in the winter months for most people, starting in late November, and ending a few weeks before Christmas. Also, the EURO cup happened not that long ago, as it was postponed due to the pandemic. This means large cups, two years in a row and we are not complaining.

While there are still a few months until the cup is kicked off, we can still start to prepare already now. The qualification matches have been played, and we can start looking at the teams that will participate in this year’s cup. Many are also getting ready to start Online Sports Betting or want to learn how to do so. After last year’s highly exciting EURO, many have made up their minds as to who to bet for and to cheer on, and some might have created their strategy already.

About the cup

This year’s World Cup is being held from November 21 until December 18. Qatar is the host country, and there will be 32 teams participating. The French National Football Team is the defending champions of 2018, and we are excited to see if they can win the cup once again. The World Cup is arranged by FIFA and will be the first cup to be held in the Arab world, and the second cup ever to be held in Asia. The sponsors for the World Cup include Adidas, Coca-Cola, Qatar Airways, Hyundai-Kia, Visa, McDonald’s, and, to name a few.

Betting on the World Cup

Soccer is the most popular sport around the world, and it is no surprise that a lot of people are planning to bet on this year’s World Cup. Betting on sports is a great way to make the matches more exciting. It is also very simple, as it can all be done online through your phone or computer, whenever you want. When there is a large cup like this, some fun betting opportunities present themselves. You can for example bet on multiple matches and get impressive odds. The likelihood of guessing the right outcome from matches gets less and less the more you add, but it can be fun to test out, nonetheless.

However, before you start betting, it is important that you find a good platform to do it at. The betting site you are choosing has to be safe and easy to bet on, and of course, offers betting on the sports you are interested in. With the World Cup, this should not be a problem. Try to find a betting platform that is popular, and has a lot of other, happy customers. This can assure that your experience on the site is better as well. A good design is also always preferred, as it can make it much easier for you to navigate your way on the site, and to the next wager, you want to place.

Make your predictions

29 of the 32 participating teams have been chosen, and you can already start to make your predictions as to who will win the whole cup. Parts of the match schedule have also been posted, so you can start to plan your bets and create your strategy already now. Try to also have a look at how the teams have performed lately. You can check out the group playoffs, or last year’s EURO cup to get an idea of how the teams are playing together.