The dreams of the three respondents in the US, has turned out to be a nightmare. On the first day, one of them is a severe attack of vertigo and draaiduizeligheid. He ended up in the hospital. Ever since he was fired as a result, it is Peter vastgekluisterd on his hotel bed. “We all want to go home”, what it sounds like. Rely they can on their insurance, but that turned out to be difficult.

Sorry, Anneleen and a Female, all of them are from the area of Leuven, belgium, were scheduled to leave on Friday the 6th of september, from the Car. The goal: to have a tour of the United States of america. Departing from Los Angeles, california, then through San Francisco, Alcatraz and Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and to travel. And then, on the 20th of september to return to Belgium to fly.

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it’s all on the first day, things went wrong. “Peter, it was in the evening, suddenly dizzy,” says Anneleen. “He had been suffering from tinnitus.” The next day, and it seemed to improve, but on Monday it started up again. During a visit to the Santa Monica pier, Peter was very, very dizzy. A police officer called in the emergency services. After that, it was taken to the hospital.”

vestibular system

An MRI scan concluded that the heart attack was. Peter had been hit by vertigo and draaiduizeligheid. This is being caused by a disturbance of the vestibular system. If this were a small, vulnerable, absorbs storage material on the inside of the ear is not working properly, your brain has the wrong information will be passed on to the position of your body relative to your surroundings. You may also have nausea and vomiting get.

“When we got to our hotel, which was Peter’s five-feet-step by step, ” says Anneleen. “He fell straight to his feet and had to give in to it. Since then, he’s just standing in the room. He can’t eat or drink anything. Sitting up in bed, work and even not at all.”