In Berlin was opened the bankruptcy proceedings for the airline Germania. A spokesman for the insolvency administrator Rüdiger wienberg, the capture first, all claims of creditors, and then individually on their legality and enforceability wants to check confirmed. It seeks to exploit the assets and distribute to creditors, it said.

As the administrator said, can creditors between 8. April and 1. July 2019 to register their claims. A Website has been set up, the documents and information on the conduct of the insolvency proceedings are available.

Vienna mountain currently, more than 600,000 affected passengers, whose flights cannot be held because of the bankruptcy. Whether and in what amount the creditor can expect a rate of payment on your claim, however, only at the very end of the process to say what can last according to the experts “experience according to years”. The legal clarification in many cases.

pressure from the industry, no money for lease payments

at the beginning of February and had logged on to the airline, with nearly 1,700 employees, insolvency and the operation of the aircraft immediately set. Vienna mountain, the provisional liquidator is appointed, was hoping on the help of an Investor, and discussions. Last Monday, the rescue burst, however: All of the reputable tenderers for the operation of the aircraft as well as maintenance and engineering were bailed out. Vienna mountain, this was mainly due to the tight schedule. So the investors had to plan within a few weeks of a possible Takeover, calculate and decide.

the insolvency administrator of Vienna mountain, this was the “sticking point” for all interested parties. At the same time, he referred to the difficult negotiations with the leasing company. “We had no planes and no money to pay the leasing rates,” he had declared at the beginning of February the situation. In view of the beginning of the summer and holiday season have an eye to the industry on the freed-up aircraft capacity. “Accordingly, it was difficult to move the lessor to continue the aircraft – especially as we were not able to pay the leasing rates.”

Germania transported, according to their own figures, every year more than four million passengers, to destinations mainly in the Mediterranean.