the games of the new Call of Duty , there is a lot to do, and as is often the case in games, for all the wrong reasons. In the Call of Duty. , Modern Warfare to get to the popular shooterserie of a new era. It is, therefore, not the easiest of slopes and chose we can only applaud.

most of The buzz surrounding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can be attributed to the campaign. A six-hour, action-adventure, in which the importance must be put into perspective. In fact, the vast majority of players will see this as a great addition to the hundred fold of the hours that they have in the multiplayer, will have to spend. This does not mean that the single player is the usual Michael Bay spectacle, this time a trade in for a more dry, compelling, and at times even relevant to the trip. That was less inspired by the Rambo by Zero Dark Thirty , The Hurt Locker and Jack Ryan .