It took a few weeks after the Böhmermann show, now Fynn Kliemann is (again) in his element. The influencer Fynn Kliemann, who has come under criticism, claims to have identified a “woke left scene” and has placed himself in front of fellow campaigners at his event location “Kliemannsland”.

The businessman and musician said in an emotional post on Instagram: He made mistakes, he apologized. At the same time he emphasized: “But here people who have decided for themselves and for you to realize themselves are taken into clan custody for me and that is wrong. What does “Kliemannsland” have to do with it? Nothing. And certainly not the people there.”

Kliemann also said that “Kliemannsland” stands against the rules of people with index fingers and prejudices. “But there is this one part in the woken left scene that just can’t accept it.” A woke (translated as “woke up”) is someone who feels injustice in a society and addresses it. The adjective is now also used in a negative sense.

Kliemann started the event location in Rüspel near Bremen in Lower Saxony years ago, it is a kind of adventure playground for adults. There is handicrafts, screwing, music made – you can book workshops. Kliemann is also known for his do-it-yourself clips on YouTube, where he is followed by hundreds of thousands. Businessman Kliemann also criticized the media that reported on his case in the Instagram post.

As a reminder: At the beginning of May, he was criticized by a TV report by satirist Jan Böhmermann for connections to a textile company related to the protective mask business. The question is whether the origin of production – Asia instead of Europe – was deliberately kept secret when the company did business with a wholesaler in 2020.

Kliemann and the company then spoke up several times independently of each other and explained the small-scale case. According to Kliemann, he used his reputation, his name and free of charge to ensure that masks were quickly organized in Germany at wholesale level during the pandemic.

An investigation is currently underway against Kliemann on suspicion of fraud in the context of the TV report. A request from the influencer for a response has so far gone unanswered. According to their own statements, the investigators had received at least one report and later initiated the investigation.